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Arab States
Asia States
Latin America
Northern America
Benin Archives nationales- in Porto Novo; website hosted by UNESCO
Cap Verde Arquivo Hist?ico Nacional (AHN)- in Praia; webpage hosted by BIEF
Central African Rpublic Direction des archives antionales- in Bangui; webpage hosted by BIEF
Congo Archives nationales- in Brazzaville; website hosted by BIEF
Ghana Public Records and Archives Administration Department- in Accra
Guinea Direction des archives nationales- in Conakry; website hosted by BIEF
Kenya National Archives- in Nairobi
Madagascar Archives nationales- in Antananarivo; website hsoted by BIEF
Mauritius Archives- in Coromandel
Namibia National Archives- in Windhoek
Nigeria National Archives (Enugu Branch)- hosted by the Center for Modern Oriental Studies,
Berlin, Germany
Snenegal Archives nationales- in Dakar; website hosted by BIEF
South Africa National Archives- in Pretoria
Tanzana Zanzibar Archives
Algeria National Archives- in Algiers
Egypt National Library and Archives- in Cairo
Lebanon National Archives- in Beyrouth
Morocco Biblioth?ue g??ale et Archives- in Rabat
Indonesia National Archives- in Jakarta; site created by TAAP (Towards a New Age of Partnership),
a Dutch/Asian/South-African programme of cooperation
Australia National Archives- in Canberra
Gambodia National Archives- Custodian of archives from the French Protectorate period and archives of the Government of Cambodia; in Phnom Penh
india National Archives- in New Delhi
Japan National Archives- in Tokyo
Kazakhstan Central State Archives- in Almaty
Malaysia National Archives- in Kuala Lumpur
Marshall Islands National Archives- in Majuro
New Zealand National Archives- in Wellington
Pakistan National Archives- in Islamabad
Papua New Guinea National Archives- in Waigani, NCD
Philippines Records Management and Archives Office (RMAO)- in Manila
Republic of Korea Government Archives and Records Service (GARS)- National archives of the Republic of Korea (R.O.K.) established in 1969; collects all permanent public records from executive branches of the government; holds more than one million volumes of records; in Seoul
Singapore National Archives
Sri Lanka NNational Archives- site created by the States' Archives Service of the Netherlands; in Colombo
Natherlands Antilles National Archives- in Cura?
Andorra National Archive- in Andorra la Vella
Austria State Archives- in Vienna (Wien)
Belarus National Archives
National Historical Archives
Belgium General State Archives- in Brussels
Croatia National Archives
Czech Republic Archiv Prazskeho hradu- in Prague
National Archives Administration- in Prague
State Archives- in Prague
Denmark Rigsarkivet- in Kopenhagen
Statens Arkiver- Danish State Archives; includes the Danish National Archives, Pronvicial Archives,Danish Bussines Archives and the Danish Data Archives
Estonia National Archives - Rahvusarhiiv- in Tartu
France Archives de France- in Paris; R?lementation, ?aluation et contr?e de la collecte, description, conservation et communication des archives publiques autres que celles des minist?es des Affaires ?rang?es et de la Dense
Archives Nationales- in Paris
Archives nationales - Centre historique (CHAN)- Archives centrales de la France depuis les M?ovingiens jusqu'en 1958 (archives des organismes et ?ablissements d'Ancien R?ime supprim? ?la R?olution, archives des administrations centrales de l'Etat, archives priv?s, minutes des notaires paris
Archives nationales - Centre des archives contemporaines- ?Paris; Collecte des archives des administrations centrales de l'Etat en France (grand corps de l'Etat, minist?es, ?ablissements publics nationaux)
Archives nationales - Centre des archives du monde du travail- Collecte et mise en valeur des archives du monde du travail en France (entreprises, syndicats ouvriers et patronaux, soci?? mutualistes, etc.); ?Roubaix (
Archives nationales - Centre national du microfilm (CNM)- Conservation des collection de microfilm de s?urit?et de compl?ent des 1Archvies nationales et territoriales fran?ises ; ?Espeyran (Gard
Germany Bundesarchi
Holy See Archivio segreto vaticano- in Rome
Hungary National Archives of Hungary- in Budapest
Iceland National Archives- in Reykjav
Ireland National Archives- in Dublin
Israel Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People- in Jerusalem
State Archives- in Jerusalem
World Zionist Organization - The Central Zionist Archives- official repository of the Zionist Movement, the CZA is the largest Jewish Archives in the world holding over 80 million documents, a large photo collection and unique collections of printed material, maps, stamps and posters; in Jerusalem
Italy State Archives- in Rome
Latvia State Archival System- information about the archival system of Latvia and access to the files
Liechtenstein State Archives- in Vaduz
Lithuania Lietuvos Archyv?Departamentas- in Vilnius
Luxembourg Archives Nationales- in Luxemburg
Malta National Archives- The National Archives of Malta is set up under the National Archives Act 1990. Its mission is to preserve Malta's documentary heritage and promote its access to the general public. At present, research facilities are available at the main premises in Rabat and the Banca Giuratale in Mdina. A closure period of 30 years applies to all public documents.
Netherlands Nationaal Archief- in The Hague
Rijksarchiefdienst- Stae Archives' Service, in The Hague
Norway National Archives- in Oslo
Poland Archiwum Gwne Akt Dawnych w Warszawie- Archiwum G농wne Akt Dawnych w Warszawie
State Archives- in Warsaw
Portugal National Archives- in Lisbonne
Russia State Archive of Ancient Bills
State Archives
Slovakia National Archives- in Bratislava
Archives of the Republic- in Ljubljana
Spain Archivo General de la Guerra Civil Espa?la- in Salamanca
Sweden National Archives- in Stockholm
Switzerland Federal Archives- in Bern
The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia State Archives
Turkey General Directorate of Archives
National Archives- in Ankara
Ukraine State Committee on Archives
United Kingdom National Digital Archive of Datasets (NDAD)- archive of electronic data and related documents created by UK government departments; operated by the University of London on behalf of the UK Public Record Office.
Public Records Office- in Kew, Richmond
Yugoslavia Archives- in Belgrade
Argentina Archivo General de la Naci?- in Buenos Aires
Bolivia Biblioteca Nacional y Archivo Nacional- in Sucre
Brazil Arquivo Nacional- in Rio de Janeiro
Chile Archivo Nacional- in Santiago
Colombia Archivo General de la Naci?- in Bogota
Costa Rica Archivo Nacional- in Curridabat
Cuba Archivo Nacional- in La Havana
Ecuador Archivo Nacional- in Quito
Honduras Archivo Nacional- in Tegucigalpa, M.D.C
Mexico Archivo General de la Naci? (AGN)- in Mexico City
Paraguay Direcci? de Archivo Central- in Asuncion
Peru Archivo General de la Nacion- in Lima
Venezuela Archivo General de la Naci?- in Caracas
Canada National Archives
USA National Archives and Records Administration- in Washington DC
National Personnel Records Center